Credit Repair

 Here's the ways to improve your credit score...

3 Ways to Improve Your Credit Score!

"Where do I start?" - Knowing what affects your credit score is really where you start. After that, you can choose how you prioritize your effort.

Here's How Your Credit Score is Calculated:

- Your Payment History - This makes up 35% of your overall score.

- How Much You Owe - The amount of outstanding debt you have accounts for 30%.

- Length of Account History - This equates to 15% of your score.

- Types of Credit Used - The types of credit you have on your report accounts for 10%.

- Applications for Credit - This is 10% of your overall score.

Let's focus on what will create the most improvement in your credit score...

Step 1: Review your credit report for errors and negative inaccuracies. Need help getting and/or reading your credit report? Visit The Credit People's website to learn all about how.

Step 2: Pay down your debt by reducing what you owe rather than just moving balances around. There's ideal ways to pay down your debts with your credit score in mind, visit our blog for exactly how.

Step 3: Build more positive credit by applying for secured credit cards, gas cards, departments card, and more. Once you have a positive account, do not close it or other revolving accounts.

Interesting in learning more ways to improve your credit? Click here, go to The Credit People's website and find out how you can raise your credit score and quickly improve your credit.

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